Delta Tactical Offers Women's Street Survival Seminar

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On June 9, Delta Tactical Training Group will host a Women’s Street Survival Seminar aimed to help women be aware of their surroundings and how to survive an attack.

From 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., UFC Professional MMA Fighter Leslie Smith will be on hand to provide an interactive course full of techniques from defense, to grabs and ground attacks. She will also teach proper kicks and strikes.

Larry Treat, owner of Delta Tactical Training Group says the seminar is aimed at empowering women.

“This is all about providing women with an opportunity to learn basic self-defense techniques from a legitimate UFC fighter,” said Larry Treat. “Delta Tactical is all about empowerment and we instill the skill-set and confidence for those who might otherwise may not feel they have the strength, skills, or mindset to be able to adequately defend themselves against a violent assault.”

Treat explained he was tired about reading how women were being targeted when getting out of their cars in their driveways or at the stores and even inside their homes. He says this is not acceptable and tools should be provided to help them survive.

“The whole thing about self-defense, it’s the great equalizer, it doesn’t matter if there is a size or strength disparity, it levels the playing field,” explained Treat. “The idea behind this course is any woman at any age will learn something that will potentially help them should a situation occur.”

According Treat, the seminar is geared for women at all age levels and ability. Leslie Smith will showcase a series of holds and education pertaining to certain situations. “Leslie Smith is absolutely about empowering women,” says Treat. “She is a testament that women do not have to feel that they have no means to defend themselves. She is a modern day woman gladiator. She is so grounded, so sweet, but she is so capable of helping others instill confidence.”

He says the idea for the seminar came after speaking to women during his firearm courses. “In my business, I encounter a lot of women who are victims or know victims. A lot of women that I’ve talked to say they have felt helpless. Some take a gun course while others wanted weaponless defense as well. In working with Dan Black of Team Black MMA, this idea came to fruition and we think it will be very helpful to members of the local community.”

The seminar is being held at 2504 Verne Roberts Circle Suite 103, Antioch CA.

For more information, visit or call (925) 775-4777 to reserve your spot. Delta Tactical Training Group is also a authorized taser dealer and offer pepper sprays and other defensive weapons along with firearm training.

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