Delta Tactical Training Group Announces Summer Schedule

Delta Tactical Training Group (DTTG) has announced a new series of classes and dates for local residents who want to familiarize themselves with firearms this summer.

DTTG offers firearm courses for self-defense for new shooters. It includes four-hours of theory and gun safety in a classroom setting, followed by 2-hours on a local range. The classes are aimed at men and women who have never fired a firearm before.

Given the demand due to the increase of violent activity in East Contra Costa County, DTTG has had to hire additional staff and add additional courses to assist residents feel confident when handling a firearm for self protection.

They noted shootings on the freeways and within city limits, homicides, and brazen armed robberies in local communities.

“In the last 30 days we have added several new law enforcement and certified NRA instructors to the Delta Tactical roster. These guys are all seasoned instructors and have been training police and civilians in this area for years,” said Larry Treat, owner of DTTG.

Treat himself is an NRA certified firearms and personal safety instructor.

“As a former Marine and corporate security provider, pretty much my entire career has been devoted to providing protection for people and assets. So, the concept of teaching others how to defend themselves has been sort of a natural progression and something that I am very passionate about,” said Treat.

Treat says his team has rapidly grown from a single instructor to now a total of four.

“You will not find a more talented and enthusiastic team of firearms instructors in the Bay Area. For example, our lead NRA instructor,Dan Souza, is a civilian instructor, but has gone through more law enforcement and civilian style training than a lot of law enforcement officer’s.”

Treat says that Dan’s style of teaching new shooters is nothing short of magnificent. He is a very humble teacher in an industry where students oftentimes encounter instructors who can be intimidating and even arrogant.

“His teaching style is really relaxed and informal. Although safety is the top priority, Dan teaches in a way that is fun. He is really caring and really thoughtful towards our students. He will take someone who has apprehension about attending that first class and work with that new shooter until their apprehension disappears and they’re having a great time. He is an effective instructor and that is what it’s all about!” says Treat.

On the law enforcement side, Treat provides another example of one of his standout instructors.

“Our lead law enforcement instructor is a veteran cop and former Marine who currently works for a large department in the San Francisco, Bay Area. He is the Rangemaster for their agency and his knowledge and passion for teaching civilians is unrivaled.

“He loves empowering civilians by providing tremendous insight regarding the liability of firearms and firearms training. His experience investigating firearms and shooting-related criminal cases bring an invaluable perspective to our students,” explained Treat.

DTTG has seen steady growth over the last three years, starting with a single, inexperienced instructor, until today, where they now operate at a higher level with a diverse team of skilled instructors which allow them to offer a much wider variety of personal safety training courses.

“With the current high demand for civilian firearms and personal safety training, we have been bombarded by requests from people wanting more and more certified training,” says Treat. “With just one instructor, were limited in what classes we could offer. Quite frankly, I also wanted to raise the bar by bringing in more experienced instructors but the timing was never right until recently.”

Treat is excited to have more instructors because now more students can be trained and continue their training with his organization.

Part of the issue says Treat is that the public has a perception that crime is increasing due to shootings, homicides, and home burglaries.

“Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world. Although there are efforts by out of touch individuals to downplay the real need for firearms, everyone should have the means to protect themselves and their families,” explained Treat.

DTTG has not only beginner, intermediate and advanced firearms training, but offers one of the NRA’s flagship personal safety programs “Refuse to be a Victim”.

This program promotes public safety, law and order and reinforces the Association’s long-standing commitment to safety education. Anyone interested in crime prevention and personal safety will find this program extremely beneficial according to Treat.

Summer Schedule

  • June 4 – Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course (FULL)

  • June 5 – Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Course

  • June 11 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course

  • June 12 – Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course

  • June 24 – Basic Civilian Shotgun Training Course

  • July 9 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course

  • July 16 – Intermediate Civilian Handgun Training Course

  • July 30 – Basic Civilian Shotgun Training Course

  • Aug 14 – Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course

  • Aug 21 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course

Hook, Line & Sinker to provide Firearm “Try Before You Buy”

DTTG has worked to develop a very unique partnership with Hook Line & Sinker, in Oakley, CA. They have negotiated a concept pertaining to consumers who are in the market for a firearm to try it on a range before they buy it.

“A lot of times, purchasing a firearm can be a really daunting experience for someone who knows little to nothing about firearms and shooting. They know they want a gun but they don’t have a clue about how to start that process. What the owner of Hook Line & Sinker came up and presented us with was that we co-sponsor a, Try Before You Buy firearms training class,” explained Treat. “Basically, he would bring a number of firearms to the range we train on and my instructors would work with his employees so that our students could try several firearms to find the gun that works best for them. I think it’s a great idea so look for this on our list of upcoming events.”

The program is expected to launch this summer.

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