Delta Tactical Training Group Announces Firearm Training Class Schedule

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Antioch — Delta Tactical Training Group has announced it’s upcoming training schedule as new firearm training courses have been announced, including classes focused on shotguns.

Delta Tactical Training Group, who offers firearm course for self-defense includes four-hours of theory and gun safety in a classroom setting in Antioch followed by 2-hours on a local range.

Most recently, they have expanded into a shotgun class based on demand says Larry Treat, owner of Delta Tactical Training Group.

“Our Basic Civilian Shotgun class is an ideal opportunity for new shooters to take their first steps towards learning how to safely and effectively operate a shotgun,” says Treat. “Shotguns can be excellent home defense weapons and more and more people are facing the reality that residential crime is on the rise in our community and at some point, there’s a chance that one day they may find themselves the only thing standing between their loved ones and an unwanted criminal intruder.”

Treat stated the Basic Civilian Shotgun class covers the fundamentals.

“It’s relaxed and fun and our students learn about firearms safety, liability and law, different shotgun types, how to safely and lawfully transport a shotgun, various ammo options, the components which make up a shotgun, how to disassemble a shotgun, and of course, how to shoot one with confidence,” explained Treat. “This class is about replacing ignorance and fear with knowledge and empowerment. I would highly recommend this class for anyone that values life and believes that personal and family safety is of the utmost importance.”

Upcoming Class Schedule:

  • March 19 – Basic Civilian Shotgun Training Course ($200)

  • April 2 – Intermediate Civilian Handgun Training Course ($195)

  • April 17 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course (RESERVED)

  • April 24 – Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course ($165)

  • May 1 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course ($165)

  • May 6 – Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course ($165)

  • June 4 – Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course ($165)

  • June 11 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course ($165)

  • June – Basic Civilian Shotgun Training Course ($200)

  • July 9 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course ($165)

  • July 16 – Intermediate Civilian Handgun Training Course ($195)

  • July 30 – Basic Civilian Shotgun Training Course ($200)

  • August 14 -Women’s Basic Civilian Handgun Training Cours ($165)

  • August 21 – Basic Civilian Handgun Training Course ($165)

According to Hook, Line & Sinker in Oakley, two shotguns for beginners and for home defense include the:

Mossberg Model 500 ($369 – $489) 12, 20 and .410 3″ chambers handle all 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells. Ported barrels on selected models for pattern and recoil control. Thumb operated, visually convenient tang safety location for left and right-handed users. Wide vent rib with white front and brass mid-bead sights. 6-shot (field model) capacity – one less with 3″ shells. Accu-Choke interchangeable tubes handle lead, steel and other non-toxic loads. 12 and 20 gauge fully- rifled deer barrel models with three different sight options. 12 and 20 gauge special Turkey Tube models available. 12 and 20 gauge adjustable Fiber Optic sight models. Includes a Cablelock and a Ten Year limited Warranty.

Remington Model 870™ Express® ($429-$499)

Perfect for deer hunters wanting rifle-like performance in an affordable, yet dependable, shotgun package, the Model 870 Express Slug Gun utilizes fully rifled, heavy contour barrels to deliver devastating knockdown power with optimal accuracy. Available in both a 12-gauge and 20-gauge version, the added weight of the heavier slug barrel helps reduce the recoil of magnum slug loads while our cantilever system provides a solid scope mount platform that won’t lose its zero like other mounts. These pump-action shotguns feature a non-glare matte finish on all exterior metalwork and all-weather black synthetic stocks and fore-ends.

For further information on Delta Tactical Training Group, contact (925) 775-4777 or instructor Shawn Rajabi at (925) 864-2237.You may also visit them on the web

For more information on Hook, Line & Sinker, contact them at (925) 625-2441 or visit them at 3100 Main St. #260. You may also visit them online at or on Facebook.

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