Delta Tactical Training Group Announces Civilian Firearms Training Courses

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Delta Tactical Training Group announced a series of upcoming beginner handgun training courses starting this Saturday and will run through January. This class is designed to help civilians become more familiar with firearms.

For Sundays class (Nov. 8), 6 spots remain open while 6 spots also remain open for the November 22 course. Classes are $120 + $10 range fee.

According to Lead Instructor Shawn Rajabi, a Bureau of Security And Investigative Services (BSIS) licensed firearms instructor and certified NRA Law Enforcement handgun and shotgun instructor, the beginner classes offer four-hours of classroom lecture followed by 2-hours of range shooting.

The class is designed for students with little to no experience with a firearm with the classroom focused on shoot or no shoot scenarios to help determine if its justified to shoot or not.

Delta Tactical Training Group Offers a variety of classes for firearm training.

“Our goal is to educate on the law as it applies to all aspects of use of force so that our students are armed with the knowledge to help them avoid criminal and civil prosecution if they are ever involved in a deadly force situation,” explained Rajabi.

After the classroom portion, students will then hit the range to fire their firearm–some for the very first time. This portion of the class is where they will apply classroom theory to shooting while learning the fundamentals of practicing range safety techniques.

Students gain knowledge and confidence while learning the fundamentals of shooting and firearms safety when handling a firearm.

Delta Tactical Training Group classes include classroom instruction for education and reviewing scenarios of when a firearm should be used or not used. When to shoot or not shoot.

“Beginning classes are basic introductory classes for civilians. They consist of 4-hours of class time and 2-hours of range time. During this class, shoot a total of 50 rounds,” said Rajabi. “ More important than actual trigger time, I want to first teach them how to safely handle a firearm, as well as the transportation requirements and liability associated with shooting someone whether it’s justified or not. It’s more lecture and then we touch on the fundamentals of shooting and etiquette on the range.”

Upcoming Courses

  • November 8, 2015 – Basic Handgun Course

  • Nov. 22, 2015 – Woman’s Basic Handgun

  • Dec. 12, 2015 – Basic Handgun Course

  • Dec. 20, 2015 – Basic Handgun Course

  • Jan. 10, 2016 – Basic Handgun Course

For further information, contact (925) 775-4777 or instructor Shawn Rajabi at (925) 864-2237.You may also visit them on the web by clicking here.

For more information about Delta Tactical Training Group, visit them online

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