Delta Tactical Training Group Expands Firearm Class Offerings

July 7, 2015

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Delta Tactical Training Group recently announced that it has added an intermediate class to its civilian firearms training courses beginning this summer in an effort to continue assisting civilians become more familiar with firearms.


According to Lead Instructor Shawn Rajabi, a Bureau of Security And Investigative Services (BSIS) licensed firearms instructor and certified NRA Law Enforcement handgun and shotgun instructor, the intermediate classes offer more shooting with 3-hours of lecture and 3-hours on the range.

Delta Tactical Training Group Offers a variety of classes for firearm training.


“In the intermediate class, the classroom portion is focused primarily on use of force continuum and shoot/no shoot scenarios to help determine what level of deadly force is justified and what is not. When this knowledge is committed to memory, our students are armed with facts, not assumptions. Our goal is to educate on the law as it applies to all aspects of use of force so that our students are armed with the knowledge to help them avoid criminal and civil prosecution if they are ever involved in a deadly force situation,” explained Rajabi.


Rajabi highlighted what students will expect in the newly offered course.


“On the range, we run basic scenarios that are above and beyond what we cover in our introductory class; it’s no more just standing static and shooting from the 7-yard line. They now are required to fire two full magazines from the 7-to-10-to -15 yard lines.  They are now also only allowed two misses. Anything more they fail the class,” explained Rajabi .


While two misses may seem pretty strict, it equates to only hitting the target 80% of the time.

“The reason for these strict requirements is because you want to eliminate errors and set higher standards. After all, if you are trying to defend yourself and more than 20% of your rounds are missing the target, you’re in big trouble,” says Rajabi. “You have to be on target so we made it more challenging, your life depends on it.”


The course is much different than their introductory course because you now have to qualify to pass. Our Basic Civilian Handgun class is designed for shooters with little or no experience. Students gain knowledge and confidence while learning the fundamentals of shooting and firearms safety when handling a firearm.


They also learn proper shooting techniques. It’s an entry-level class which is the basic foundation in which they will start building their training on going forward.


Delta Tactical Training Group classes include classroom instruction for education and reviewing scenarios of when a firearm should be used or not used. When to shoot or not shoot.


“Beginning classes are basic introductory classes for civilians. They consist of 4-hours of class time and 2-hours of range time. During this class, shoot a total of 50 rounds,” said Rajabi. “ More important than actual trigger time, I want to first teach them how to safely handle a firearm, as well as the transportation requirements and liability associated with shooting someone whether it’s justified or not. It’s more lecture and then we touch on the fundamentals of shooting and etiquette on the range.”


Larry Treat, Delta Tactical Training Group owner, says anyone who owns a firearm or is thinking of purchasing one, must absolutely receive some form of ongoing training.

“It’s imperative that shooters find a reputable training organization and make the commitment to train,” said Treat.


But he does warn credentials need to be verified and not just anyone should be teaching.


“As a new student, you need to first verify what level of training and what current and valid certifications your instructor has. Anyone can offer a high-speed military style advanced training class, but ultimately, you may someday find yourself in a nasty civil, or even criminal court case because you shot someone. Believe me, when that day comes, the prosecuting attorney will want to want to know where you received your firearms training. You need to be 100% certain that the training you receive is backed by a certified training facility that employs only certified training instructors,” explained Treat.


Students take to the range to practice shooting on the range from 7-yards out.

Treat says most civilian shooters should be wary of the organizations that are promoting the high speed military stuff.


“Everyone loves the tactical military stuff and we all fantasize about being Rambo for the weekend. Our Hollywood culture glamorizes the whole shoot-em-up, Call of Duty experience” explained Treat. “That’s all fine and dandy until you find yourself involved in a deadly force situation and you wind up in court over it. Get ready for it, because they will ask where you got your training and if they can determine that the training you received is not legit, you now have a serious problem on your hands.”


Treat says his goal is to educate people on how to use a firearm, defend their family but hopefully through education and training, they will never have to fire a shot.


“Our vision is much different than some of the other companies,” admits Treat. “When it comes to military style training, leave that to law enforcement and to military personnel who have spent years training with firearms and carry a firearms for a living.”


Rajabi agrees and suggests leaving the military or SWAT style work to the police.


Delta Tactical Training Group focuses on showing students how to properly hold a firearm.


“If you have only been shooting a gun for a month or two, you are not prepared to go into combat. We do not want to give our students a false sense of bravado,” says Rajabi. “Your job as a civilian with a firearm is deploy it only when an intruder in your home is attempting to harm you and your family. You are not on the offense, you’re on the defense. You have to and be smart and make good decisions. You do not want to kill the intruder, you just want to protect yourself and get them out of the house, hopefully without firing a shot. Once they leave, secure your weapon and call the police. The police will come, take a report and maybe catch the bad guy. At that point, you