Delta Tactical Training Group Offering Firearm Training for New Shooters

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With crime on the minds of East Contra Costa County residents, Delta Tactical Training Groupis assisting them in properly handling a firearm in case the need should ever arise.

Delta Tactical Training Group, located in Antioch, introduces new firearm owners to their handgun while teaching them safety and proper techniques. It’s also designed for new shooters with little experience.

Students gain knowledge and confidence while learning the fundamentals and safety when handling a firearm. They also learn proper shooting techniques. It’s an entry-level class which is the foundation which they will build their training around going forward.

Larry Treat, the owner, says the course is designed for someone with little to no experience with a firearm or those who are afraid of firearms.

“Half the students are terrified; some of them break down in tears. They are so afraid and the emotions get the best of them,” explains Treat. “They sign up because of an experience of being victims of crime. Directly or indirectly by knowing someone who has been a victim. In Sunday’s class, there was a female who had been attacked in downtown Brentwood in broad daylight. They want to know how to defend themselves if it ever happens again.”

The class is taught by Shawn Rajabi, a NRA Law Enforcement Handgun and Shotgun instructor. He is a Post Certified Weaponless Defense instructor and is former law enforcement.

On the law enforcement side of training, he can certify and re-qualify law enforcement. On the firearm side, he is a BSIS Firearms instructor licensed through the State of California to certify security guards. He is also an NRA Law Enforcement Handgun and Shotgun instructor to certify civilians.

On Sunday, Delta Tactical Training Group hosted an “all women’s class” which Treat says was a fantastic experience.

“Class today was phenomenal, we had a full class with 95% being new shooters and a lot of nerves and apprehension,” said Treat. “They went into the class reserved about firearms and left empowered. It was awesome.”

He highlighted that there were a couple of the first time shooters today that he would not want to compete against because they do not have any bad habits.

“They are brand new. When they come to class, the glass is empty, but when they leave, they have something in the glass,” explained Treat. “As they go through future training, their glass will continue to fill up with more knowledge and skills. They shoot really well with no bad habits.”

Delta Tactical Training Group has expanded its offerings on top of training courses, but are now selling retail products for self-defense such as pepper spray, knifes, flashlights and other defensive weapons.

Upcoming Classes Include:

  • March 22

  • April 5

  • April 12

  • April 26

To sign up for a class, call (925) 775-4777.

Basic Civilian Handgun Safety Training ($120 + $10 range fee) Classes are held at 2504 Verne Roberts Circle #103 in Antioch. Classes begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. This class is 4-hours class instruction and 2-hours on the Concord police range. Please remember to safely transport your weapon. If you do not have a weapon, rentals are available for $25. Students are responsible to provide eye and ear protection at the range. Delta Tactical does have eye and ear protection available for purchase.

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