Delta Tactical Training Group Adds More Firearm Training Classes

After several months of conducting beginner Basic Civilian Handgun Safety Training, Delta Tactical Training Group has found a common theme with this course which is empowerment.

The course is aimed for students who have never fired a firearm, recently purchased a firearm, or for someone who is fearful of firearms. The common goal is to become familiar with firearms while learning general safety rules, range rules, basic gun laws and transportation and storage of a firearm.

According to Larry Treat, owner of Delta Tactical Training Group, the classes continue to grow in popularity.

“Almost every class has been filled to the point where we generally have to put some new students on a waiting list for the next available class,” says Treat. “I try to sit in on at least a portion of every class and although the students all share the common goal of wanting to learn how to shoot, each new shooter has experienced something very personal that provided the catalyst for them to take that first step and sign up for the class.”

Treat says on more than one occasion, a student breaks down crying during the introduction to the class because of a terrifying situation in the past that has made them fearful of firearms or they have been a victim of a violent crime. Some students have mustered all their courage just to show up to class.

“By the end of the day, these brave individuals have faced their fear head on and have literally transformed into empowered and confident shooters. They realize they are not helpless and now have the ability to defend themselves if they are ever targeted for an act of violence,” says Treat. ”To be able to witness this type of transformation for me never gets old and in fact is probably one of the most humbling and gratifying experiences in my life.”

While the course is considered “basic”, Treat says it’s just the beginning to weapon familiarity and learning when to shoot and when not to shoot.

“By no means are they ever an expert at the end of class,” says Treat. “They have only learned the very basics. Training must be consistent and ongoing. Whether they take our intermediate and advanced classes, or they decide to continue on their own at a public facility, just keep training. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.”

Treat further explained that through training and experience, people with firearms will better learn scenarios of when to shoot and when not to shoot. He admits the discussions do get heated, but only because people are eager to learn and sometimes do not agree with the law or how it may play out in court.

While he admits he is no lawyer, what may be common sense to you or I, the law and court system may see it differently noting that every situation is different.

“We do not ever train our students to kill; we train people to defend themselves and be smart about it,” says Treat. “The last thing anyone ever wants to do is take a human life. What we teach has nothing to do with killing someone. It has to do solely with defending yourself. We are only training to stop the threat and teach that firing a weapon is a last resort.”

During the class, students go over “shoot or no shoot scenarios” to give them an idea of what may be a good response in certain scenarios.

“We teach that you are only going to use a firearm if it’s an absolute last resort. If you are going to die, only then are you to resort to using a firearm,” says Treat. “The class is designed to assist in getting people to think of scenarios and how they might react.”

Treat further highlighted scenarios that they go over in class in order t provide vital information that students may not have thought of.

One example that comes to Treats mind is a female who may be home alone and its late at night and someone enters the house and is stumbling around downstairs. The instructor will ask the students if they would shoot or not shoot.

“Some of our students immediately say they will shoot the person and kill them. If they are in my house and they do not belong there, they would shoot and kill them.” says Treat. “In the scenario, the caveat is the person they just shot and killed was their drunken neighbor whom they did not recognize. They just killed someone whose only crime was being drunk and confused. We teach that you always have to be justified when firing a firearm. You have to know when to shoot and when not to shoot. If not, your life is guaranteed to change dramatically.”

Treat highlighted that the class runs a variety of scenarios as to why you need to be 100% certain that this person will harm you before you use deadly force.

Admittedly, Treat says the classroom discussion provides some of the best conversations that are both interesting and provide some real passion from everybody participating, but laughed because as great the discussions are, people still want to be on the range and firing a weapon.

Due to popularity, Delta Tactical Training Group is in the process of adding more beginner classes as well as creating an intermediate classes to allow folks to continue their training. They are also adding a weaponless defense/self-defense class as well as advanced tactical carbine and shotgun courses.

Treat says some of the biggest smiles he has seen during the two-hour range time are people firing a gun for the first time or someone that is ecstatic because they now no longer fear a firearm.

“We started out with the idea of training people on how to use firearms, but our students have shown us we are not just teaching someone firearm basics, we are changing mindsets in the process,” said Treat. “In a way, we are changing lives by taking away fear and that is what its all about.”

Upcoming Classes:

  • February 22

  • March 15 (Women’s class)

  • March 22

  • April 5

  • April 12 (Women’s class)

  • April 26

To reserve your spot, contact (925) 775-4777 as classes fill up quickly.

Basic Handgun Training Course If you have little to no experience with handguns, this is the class for you. You will be able to learn about the basic safety and responsibilities that come with owning and operating a handgun. This class will teach general safety rules, range rules, basic gun laws and transportation and storage of a firearm.

Class time: 4 hours/ Range time: 2 hours

Class Outline:

  • Range safety briefing

  • Range layout and limits

  • Site specific range rules

  • Range commands

  • Load/ unload

  • Rules / responsibility for safe gun handling

  • Gun / ammunition components and their function

  • Trigger Control

  • Sight alignment

For more information, visit

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