Delta Tactical Training Group Offers Firearm Training For Women

On Saturday, a group of females found themselves on a local shooting range where they unloaded more than 50 rounds as part of their firearm training through Delta Tactical Training Group, a course that promotes firearm training and safety.

The course is held every 2-4 weeks in an effort to have people better trained in firearms while also training how to use a firearm in self-defense to curtail violent crime.

The course also provided tips on how to alert an intruder in the hopes of ever having to fire a firearm–hoping the intruder will quickly leave the premises.

According to Larry Treat, the training course were created out of frustration about crime and violence in East Contra Costa County. He was tired of all the talk and wanted to provide a service to anyone who is interested in firearms and to help them become familiar and safe around them.

He explained Saturdays class was not advertised as an “all woman’s class” but said that is just who signed up noting that their last class was all males. He says the basic handgun course is for beginning shooters who have never handled a firearm or who have minimal experience. It’s designed for those who have never fired a gun.

Treat admits Saturday was motivating for him because people who never had fired a gun attended and by the end of the class, they were no longer afraid. They were already wanting to sign up for the next class.

“This class was interesting because we didn’t advertise it as a woman’s class, it was a pure stroke of luck all women signed up,” said Treat. “A lot of people are asking if it was fun. It was beyond a lot of fun. Two ladies in the group had never fired a gun. When they approached the line their hands were trembling with nerves. By the end of the class though, those two gals were some of the best shooters and even wanted to know when they could sign up for next class.”

He says the course helped the women feel empowered and broke their fear of guns.

One woman who attended had lived in Antioch for 27-years and had swore off guns because she was afraid of them, but her son encouraged her to sign up to give it a try. She lives in an area of Antioch that has seen a decline in quality of life. She was concerned for her safety so she gave it a try.

“After learning about gun safety and actually firing a gun, she was hooked,” says Treat. “That is what the class is all about. I love to train inexperienced people, especially those who are afraid of guns. I love to see the transformation, it’s very rewarding.”

Although the date is not set, the next class is tentatively scheduled in November with a potential second class available.

Class Information

Training courses are typically 4-to-6-hours ranging in skill levels of beginning to advanced. The beginning course will include the following:

  • Firearm safety

  • Weapon Assembly and Dis-assembly

  • Cleaning weapons

  • Loading weapons

  • Different calibers

  • 2-to-6 hours on the range (may vary depending on the class)

Treat explained the training is not meant for the person looking to play GI Joe for a few hours, but rather it’s aimed at everyday citizens looking for realistic self-defense training.

“This isn’t Marine Corp training or weekend warrior 101, this is training for everyday citizens so that they can properly defend themselves,” explained Treat. “We just want to make people in the community feel safer and arm them with knowledge that may make a difference in an intense situation.”

Contract Delta Tactical Training Group: To enroll in future class offerings, please contact Delta Tactical Training Group at (925) 775-4777

Visit Delta Tactical Training Group on Facebook.

Visit Strategic Threat Management online at their website or on Facebook

Brentwood Armory Targeting local gun owners, Treat has partnered with Shannon Casha of the Brentwood Armory to offer training packages to first-time gun owners or for folks looking to improve their skills. Treat calls the affiliation a perfect synergy. That synergy is enhanced because they are both former Marines and are tired of the violence in East Contra Costa County.

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