Aug. 17: Delta Tactical Training Group to Host “Basic Handgun Course”

Delta Tactical Training Group still has a few open spots for this Sundays “Civilian Basic Handgun Course” on August 17.

The courses are meant to promote both responsible gun ownership and improve safety around firearms—ultimately, participants will take their first steps towards becoming familiar with handguns.

Among other valuable information, you will learn:

  • Basic handgun safety

  • How to load and unload a handgun

  • Identify different components of both handguns and ammunition

  • Learn pertinent firearms-related rules and regulations.

Once the classroom portion of the class is completed, the real fun begins with a trip to the range where you get to apply your newly acquired skills! For those of you that have never fired a handgun, prepare yourself for an immensely empowering experience unlike anything else!

Call our office for more details and to sign up. See you on the range!

To attend, please contact Delta Tactical Training Group at (925) 775-4777 or the instructor Shawn Rajabi directly at (925) 864-2237. For more information, you may visit Delta Tactical Group on Facebook

Class costs is $120 + $10 range fee with the class to begin at 10:30 am and end around 5:30 pm. Students must bring their handgun and ammunition.

For those looking to purchase a handgun or ammunition, Delta Tactical Training Group has partnered with the Brentwood Armory and are providing special packages for attendees of these classes.

According to owner Larry Treat, this training is not meant for the person looking to play GI Joe for a few hours, but rather it’s aimed at everyday citizens looking for realistic self-defense training.

“This isn’t Marine Corp training or weekend warrior 101, this is training for everyday citizens so that they can properly defend themselves,” explained Treat. “We just want to make people in the community feel safer and arm them with knowledge that may make a difference in an intense situation.”

Treat explained that firearm handling is a perishable skill and one that you acquire over time.

“Our goal is not to put more guns on the street; but rather to provide law abiding citizens the means to survive an attack. We want to give people the resources needed to where they no longer feel helpless,” said Treat.

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