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In an effort to promote both responsible gun ownership and improve safety around firearms,Delta Tactical Training Group is now offering firearm training for all levels of experience

According to owner Larry Treat, the idea of firearm training came from an observation in the armed security industry where training was minimal. Treat wanted his employees ofStrategic Threat Management to become advanced with a firearm for their own safety and to provide even better service to their clients.

“Our intention was to develop a training organization where our own employees were required to go through a program much more rigorous and advanced than what the state currently requires of security officers,” says Treat. “The end result was a benefit to all in that we produced a better product and service. We also saw the need to bring a similar level of training to the civilian market.”

Currently, the state allows certification through live rounds or simulation. While Treat agrees simulator training has a purpose, he believes the best training is done through firing live rounds.

“While simulator training has a purpose, nothing compares to live fire. You need to feel that gun and shoot an actual firearm. What it feels like, sounds like, what live rounds feels like. Nothing compares to it,” says Treat. “You have to experience live firing because nothing else compares to it.”

When Delta Tactical Training Group launched its Facebook page, it unexpectedly became popular outside of the armed security industry with civilians now looking for self-defense training. The page has now grown to more than 12,000 followers.

“People are craving information related to self-defense and firearms training,” says Treat. “The response was overwhelming. People want to know what they can do to defend themselves and get training on firearms.”

In response to the consistent questions about firearm training, Treat and his team put together a six-hour training program for real-world scenarios for people who own a gun but want to become more proficient with it—perfect for new gun owners or those who never fired a gun before.

“There is definitely a need for a legitimate local firearms training facility that teaches everyday people basic self-defense under real-world scenarios which includes both firearms and hand-to-hand defensive tactics,” explained Treat.

Targeting local gun owners, Treat has partnered with Shannon Casha of the Brentwood Armory to offer training packages to first-time gun owners or for folks looking to improve their skills. Treat calls the affiliation a perfect synergy. That synergy is enhanced because they are both former Marines and are tired of the violence in East Contra Costa County.

“People are generally afraid with the crime level right now. People want to feel safer and have the ability to adequately defend themselves and their family,” says Treat. “However, I recommend you do not even take that first step to purchase a firearm unless you are fully committed to train properly. You need to become much more than just adequate with a gun, this requires consistent training on a regularly basis. It’s no different than what is required by athletes or musicians training to keep up their skill level.”

Treat explained that firearm handling is a perishable skill and one that you acquire over time.

“Our goal is not to put more guns on the street; but rather to provide law abiding citizens the means to survive an attack. We want to give people the resources needed to where they no longer feel helpless,” said Treat.

Part of why Delta Tactical Training Group is now offering training for citizens is because Treat is frustrated with the crime level in East Contra Costa County. He has witnessed firsthand that people are being robbed at gunpoint in front of their business or coming out of a grocery store. People are also being robbed at city parks and during a simple evening walk.

All this training is great, but gun ownership comes with great responsibility explained Treat.

“Once you use a firearm whether justified or not, your life will dramatically change almost immediately,” says Treat. “Can you live with killing someone? What if you shoot the wrong subject or you were not justified by the law? There is so much responsibility associated with firing a gun. Even in self-defense, you may end up spend tens of thousands of dollars defending yourself because someone is going to come after you civilly and try to take everything you own even if you were justified.”

Part of what Delta Tactical Training Group hopes to achieve is that by having people better trained in firearms, it might save a life and begin to curtail violent crime in the community.

“Violent crime is becoming more prevalent with home invasions, armed robberies, and 80-year-olds getting beaten to death in parking lots. It’s almost like the community is becoming immune to it and that is dangerous,” says Treat. “There is an obvious upswing in violent crime and I do not see any current measures in place to adequately mitigate that. In fact, I think it’s getting worse so I came up with a solution to empower people. That is why we opened up the firearm training to the public and not just for security officers in law enforcement.”

Class Information

Training courses are typically 4-to-6-hours ranging in skill levels of beginning to advanced. The beginning course will include the following:

  • Firearm safety

  • Weapon Assembly and Dis-assembly

  • Cleaning weapons

  • Loading weapons

  • Different calibers

  • 2-to-6 hours on the range (may vary depending on the class)

Treat explained the training is not meant for the person looking to play GI Joe for a few hours, but rather it’s aimed at everyday citizens looking for realistic self-defense training.

“This isn’t Marine Corp training or weekend warrior 101, this is training for everyday citizens so that they can properly defend themselves,” explained Treat. “We just want to make people in the community feel safer and arm them with knowledge that may make a difference in an intense situation.”

Tactical Handgun Training July 25 -10:00 am to 4:00 pm Cost $125 + $10 range fee To enroll, please contact Delta Tactical Training Group at (925) 775-4777

On the Web Visit Delta Tactical Training Group on Facebook.

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