•For .38/.357 and 9mm Cal. Handguns
•Copper Alloy Precision Cleaning Rods with Tight Tolerance Threads for Guaranteed Level and Long Lasting Use
•Robust Construction with Excellent Strength and Durability, Offering Full Protection of Barrel
•Value Pack of 3 Brushes Made from Bronze, Cotton Mop, and Nylon for Use in Lightest to Most Thorough Cleaning Operations
•Includes a Great Quality Copper Patch Loop for Fast Bore Cleaning with Patches
•All Threads are Standard 8-32 and Interchangeable with any Components on the Market
•Comes with Bonus Polymer Case (4 5/8" X 2 7/8" X 1 1/4") with Internal Clam and Padding for Easy Carry and Convenient Storage

UTG 9mm Cleaning Kit

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