• Satisfies both the hearing and eye protection requirement for all live range training courses.


    Protect your hearing AND your vision while shooting with this powerful safety trio! Includes a noise reducing headset, super soft ear plugs and protective glasses in a protective pouch that provide more peace of mind at the range.

    Want the very BEST hearing and eye protection while handling a firearm during target practice? You’ve found it in the TRADESMART Tigerz-28 Earmuffs, German quality Earplugs and Safety Glasses Combo Pack! This kit includes earmuffs with an advanced twin cup, 6-piece noise filtration system that effectively cancels out low, mid and high range frequencies. While some headsets claim to have specific noise reduction ratings (that are in reality unattainable), ours has an official NRR of 28. So you can trust that it provides truly effective protection against loud ballistic noises.

    This shooting accessories kit also includes impact resistant, tactical eyewear that shields your eyes against accidents. These glasses come with their own Microfibre case and have fully adjustable arms.

    This headset is ideal for not only shooting a gun, but also for construction, industrial, aviation, military and combat settings. Also great while using a lawn mower or while racing. Makes a fantastic gift for a hunting enthusiast, pilot, or gun buff. 



    • COMPLETE COMBINATION PACK: Earmuffs / Safety Glasses with heavy duty protective case / Ear Plugs combo kit provides comprehensive hearing & eye protection for shooting at the firearms range, construction, etc.
    • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE NOISE REDUCTION: Premium earmuffs feature a technologically advanced, twin cup, 6 piece noise filtration system system that effectively blocks low, mid & high range frequencies.
    • SAFETY GLASSES FIT WITH EARMUFFS: Our glasses not only have wrap around protection and a comfortable rubber nose peice but are specially designed to maintain the effectiveness of our earmuffs. Anti fog, scratch resistant coating and UV400 protection.
    • GERMAN QUALITY EAR PLUGS: Ear Plugs feature High quality German BASF Composition that are comfortably soft yet expand to fully block incoming noise. Rated at NRR 33, your ears are well protected.
    • HEAVY DUTY CASE: Keeps your whole package clean and safe. All products are ANSI, CE and AS/NZS compliant. 20% of profits go to programs that help underprivileged kids.
    •  UV380, Fog- and scratch-resistant lenses.
    • Fits older youth and adults.
    • ANSI, CE and AS/NZS compliant.


    * Not suitable for people who wear glasses.

    Tradesmart Safety Glasses & Ear Muff Combo w/ Carrying Case & Ear Plugs (Pink)