• For many years people have been told “no soft armor will defend against a rifle threat.”  That changes now…


    Safe Life Defense Flexible Rifle Armor feels and conceals just like soft armor but is rated to defend against .223, 5.56 and 7.62×39! Flexible Rifle Armor panels provide full front, rear and side coverage while still being lighter than most traditional rifle plates.  Guaranteed to be the most comfortable rifle protection you have ever worn or your money back!



    • TRULY FLEXIBLE RIFLE ARMOR: Conforms and Feels like Soft Armor
    • Rated For .223/5.56 and 7.62×39
      • Blunt Force Protection: Well within NIJ .06 limits of 44mm
    • Handgun, Shotgun, Strike, Slash, Stab & Taser Resistant
      • Spike Rating: NIJ Level 3 up to 65 Joules of Force
    • 360° Wrap Around Protection: Full Front, Rear and Side Coverage
    • Extreme Comfort: Easy to Wear for 12+ Hours
    • Unmatched by ANYTHING on the Market
    • Cooling Mesh Liner
    • 10 Point Adjustable with 4 Comfort Straps
    • 2 Hidden Pockets for Additional Rifle Plates
    • Water Resistant Polyester Carrier


    Safe Life Defense Flexible Rifle Armor is easy to wear all day, every day, and can even be worn concealed! Offering advanced rifle protection, it is rated to defend against all the most common .223 and 5.56 rounds including Green Tip, M193, M855 and SS109. This armor is also rated to stop 7.62×39 lead core ammo. In addition, it protects against all the most common handgun and shotgun rounds as well as strikes, slashes, stabs and tasers.

    Even though the FRAS panel is flexible the blunt force protection is the same as traditional hard rifle armor! All ratings are well within the NIJ 0101.07 standard of 44mm for Backface Deformation (BFD). FRAS Ballistic Test

    From the first moment you try it on, you will appreciate the comfort of Safe Life Defense Flexible Rifle Armor. The FRAS feels just like soft armor and is worn the same way. Guaranteed to be the most comfortable rifle protection you will ever wear!

    Unlike traditional rifle plates that leave many areas of your body vulnerable, Safe Life Defense Flexible Rifle Armor covers your ENTIRE torso. This extra coverage is achieved without any additional weight!  On average, two Safe Life Defense Level .223/5.56 panels weigh only 16 pounds making them much lighter than most steel and ceramic plate sets on the market.

    The FRAS panels look, feel, and conceal just like normal soft armor and can be used in any Safe Life Defense carrier: First Response, Tactical, USC, or Concealable.

    Safe Life Defense stands behind our products and your personal protection. In the unfortunate event that you are shot while wearing your vest, we will replace it at no cost as long as a police report is provided, and the armor is within its warranty.

    5 Year Warranty from manufacture date on all ballistic panels.

    Concealable Flexible Rifle Armor (FRAS)