"Whether you're looking to get into the (security) industry or just want some good training, delta tactical is where it's at."

- T. Heathorn ★★★★★

Who We Are

Delta Tactical Training Group is a veteran-owned, civilian firearms and self-defense training company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2011, Delta Tactical is committed to providing unrivaled personal safety training for men and women interested in protecting themselves against those who would do harm. Our law enforcement, military, and NRA instructors will work closely with you in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to ensure that you learn invaluable skills that will greatly reduce your chances of ever becoming a victim.

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"You have to start somewhere, do it right and learn from the best!”

 - I. Davis Schaefer ★★★★★

“The best local Team there is. Very professional, very safe.”
–M. Stogner ★★★★★

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