Introduction to the AR-15

Hands-On Classroom Learning

Introduction to the AR-15 Training Course

The Introduction to the AR-15 Course is designed for civilians with little or no experience using a AR-15, however, our experienced instructors welcome all levels of expertise.  During the 7-hour course, you will learn basic firearm laws, range/firearm safety rules, how to correctly store and transport a AR-15 and much more. You'll leave this course with the knowledge and skills you need to safely own and operate a firearm. 


This class consists of 4 hours of hands-on, classroom based learning followed by 3 hours at the Concord Police Officers Association Range. 

Class Time:  7 Hours Class/Range Time

Class Location:  2504 Verne Roberts Circle, Suite #103, Antioch, CA 94509​


Materials Needed:

  • AR-15

    • Must be California compliant to be used during our course

    • Please remember to safely and legally transport your weapon.

  • 150 rounds of ammunition

    • Full metal jacket

    • No reloads

  • Ear safety gear

    • Available for purchase

  • Eye safety gear

    • Available for purchase

  • Long sleeve shirt and pants

    • Expect to get dirty during this course

  • Close-toe shoes


Course Cost:  $ 283.00

Firearm and Ammo:

You must provide your own AR-15 firearm for this course with the required ammunition.  Your AR-15 must be CA-compliant to be used during this course. Please contact us at 925-775-4777 (M-F, 9A-5P) with any questions.


For your safety and ours, we REQUIRE your cooperation to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) or you will not be allowed to participate.  Wear a mask that securely covers your nose and mouth and bring hand sanitizer.


Classes are held outdoors so please check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. We recommend wearing long sleeve crew neck shirts to avoid being hit by hot brass on the range, a ball cap style hat with brim, eyewear, sunscreen and bring a clean hand towel. Wearing close-toe shoes are mandatory. 

Hearing protection:

We recommend wearing electronic hearing protection at the range as they allow students to clearly hear range commands from the instructor while filtering out the loud noises from gunfire. Standard ear protection or foam ear plugs are acceptable but make it more difficult to hear range commands. Electronic hearing protection is available for purchase from our store.

Cancellation Policy:

Students will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel any class.  However, no fee is charged for rescheduling classes. Classes are typically held rain or shine. Delta Tactical Training Group reserves the right to cancel any class. For your safety, classes may be cancelled due to extreme or unsafe environmental conditions, or if class participation does not meet our minimum attendance requirement. You will be notified by one of our representatives in the event a class is cancelled.

Late Registration and Rental Policy:

An additional fee of 15% will be charged to students who sign up online with less than 48 hours from the date of the course. This fee applies to the cost of the course.

Students must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate. You must be a citizen of the United States or have permanent legal alien status and show a valid driver’s license or other valid photo identification to use a firearm in connection with any Services provided through Delta Tactical Training Group.  Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to remain on our premises at the classroom or at the range.



  2504 Verne Roberts Circle
Suite 103 
Antioch, CA 94509

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