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Lawrence Treat


Lawrence Treat is CEO and Director of Delta Tactical Training Group. He is a committed instructor working closely with individuals and organizations to develop and administer comprehensive personal-safety and crime-prevention training ​programs geared towards firearms proficiency and personal self-defense. He is also the President of Strategic Threat Management Inc., a private security organization and leading provider of risk mitigation solutions and security support for law enforcement agencies, K-12 school districts, corporate entities, high-profile public figures and sensitive governmental assets.

As a United States Marine Corps veteran and experienced security operations specialist, Lawrence has served as team leader and consultant for numerous dignitary, maritime, and corporate security details where he planned and coordinated security operations for the principal and their affiliates. While providing contract maritime protection for Military Sealift Command Pacific, his team was responsible for securing U.S. government seized, foreign-flagged vessels, as well as protecting high interest U.S. naval vessels against terrorist attacks and other hostile actions. He is also the primary contract guard liaison working in collaboration with public law enforcement agencies to maintain care and custody of medically held, high-risk prisoners.

Lawrence holds several management and training certifications highlighting his expertise in security operations, crime prevention management and firearms training. Some of which include: certified NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA’s “Refuse To Be A Victim” Instructor, ALICE Training Institute certified Active Shooter Response Instructor, HITT Industries Introduction To Tactical Medicine, Multi-Family Crime Free Program/Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), CA Bureau Of Security And Investigative Services (BSIS) Qualified Manager and BSIS Private Patrol Operator.

Justin Luo

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Justin Luo is an active veteran law enforcement officer with over 17 years of law enforcement experience. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California, Irvine and graduated from the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Law Enforcement Training Center. He has worked in the patrol and traffic divisions while also maintaining a role as a Field Training Officer.

Justin is an active SWAT Team (9 years) assistant team leader and serves as entry personnel, shotgun breacher, and sniper. He also instructs the SWAT team and the police department in the use of firearms as a POST pistol/carbine instructor.  

He also is an instructor in the use of CEWs (Conducted Energy Weapons), less lethal munitions (40 mm), and is a FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot for his agency. Justin serves as a grenadier for the county’s Mobile Field Force which responds to civil unrest and natural disasters. Justin is also a Defensive Tactics/Arrest/Control/Impact Weapons instructor at two area law enforcement training centers and instructs new recruits coming into the career.

Justin continues to keep his knowledge fresh and relevant as he has attended the past 11 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor) trade shows as well as multiple CATO (California Association of Tactical Officers) conferences where he joined multiple trainings, debriefs, and examined new technology.

Justin has completed many law enforcement trainings including: Pistol/Rifle Instructor, Sniper/Observer, Shotgun Breacher, Kagwerks Pistol/Carbine 1, Axon CEW instructor, Less Lethal - 40 mm instructor, Tactical Medicine, Glock Armorer, Mobile Field Force, Police Academy Instructor Certification, Biased Based Policing Instructor, and Field Training Officer. 

He is also an avid martial artist and holds a 4th degree black belt and is an instructor in Kyokushin Karate after 28 years of training. Justin coupled his years in Kyokushin Karate while cross training in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, and Judo. 

Justin is a certified NRA pistol instructor.

Robert Guzman

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Robert Guzman is a veteran law enforcement officer with 20 years of criminal justice experience. He has worked in corrections, patrol and investigations. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice Leadership from the University of San Francisco (USF). He is a graduate of the San Francisco Police Academy and the prestigious Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP) in Boston and LAPD Leadership Academy in Los Angeles.

Robert has received a lot of law enforcement and civilian training including, but not limited to: POST Pistol Instructor, POST Tactical Rifle, Gunshot / Stab Wounds First Aid, Tactical Medicine, CPR / AED, Glock Armorer, Dignitary Protection, and Witness Protection.  


Robert also served in the United States Marine Corps where he earned the Rifle “Expert” Shooter Award on multiple occasions. He also received the “Top” Shooter Award during his law enforcement career.

Robert is a certified NRA pistol instructor.

Stephen O'Connell

Firearms Instructor / Range Safety Officer

Stephen O'Connell is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Shotgun Instructor, and NRA Range Safety Officer. He is President of the Walnut Creek Sportsmen Club at United Sportsmen Inc. in Concord, California. Stephen is an avid shooter and has 50 years experience owning and operating various types of firearms.


As a member of the Sheriff's Posse for many years, Stephen has attended many tactical training events with the local Sheriff's department and other law enforcement agencies. In addition, he has executed tactical shooting with SWAT Officers during hostage situation drills. He also enjoys competing in skeet shooting events. 

Lucy Foster

Firearms Instructor / Range Safety Officer

Lucy Foster is a consummate executive with over 35 years of operational, management and security experience predominantly in the public sector.  As an executive with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, she was heavily involved in providing security for heads of state including a number of U.S. presidents, celebrities, religious leaders including several popes and the royal family. She has managed security teams for a variety of major sporting events including NFL and MLB games as well as major concert events. 

In her current capacity as the acting operations manager for Strategic Threat Management, she is responsible for managing armed and unarmed officers assigned to sites throughout the Bay Area. Lucy also manages the special events division and handles all security aspects for public and private sector events including threat assessments, staffing estimates, and event security protocols.   Lucy works closely with clients, local law enforcement agencies, and city and state agencies to ensure that events are managed in accordance with the client's requirements.  Lucy strives to provide clients with a level of service that surpasses their expectations and results in the success of their venue.

Lucy is a certified NRA pistol instructor and Range Safety Officer (RSO).

Gerald Lombardi

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Gerald has been a member of Delta Tactical’s Instructor Cadre since 2016. He has been in Law Enforcement for over 26 years. He has over 20 years of experience in firearms training as well as being a Master Instructor for Taser International. He instructs at the local police academy as a use of force instructor and scenario evaluator. He has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Management and a Masters degree in the Science of Criminal Justice.

Gerald is a member of his departments Hostage Negotiation Team, Mutual Aide team and is a Field Training Officer. He has a background in coaching, teaching and mentoring youth.

Gerald is a certified NRA pistol instructor.

Matt Willette

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Matt Willette is an integral part of the Delta Tactical Training Group firearms and tactical medicine instructor cadre. He is a former law enforcement manager for Sig Sauer, Inc. and Force on Force instructor Trainer for ATK. His background includes service with the US Army Airborne, Special Operations, 10 years in law Enforcement and 10 years in the private defense market. Matt has served in a variety of leadership assignments including Team Leader, Instructor, SWAT, Narcotics, Gang Investigations, FTO and is a current sworn reserve police sergeant. He is a certified instructor in firearms, tactics, and defensive tactics. Matt is also a current Advanced Level EMT, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Saver Instructor, and Tactical Life-Saver Instructor.



  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Saver Instructor

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Instructor

  • Tactical Lifesaver Instructor MP-5 Instructor

  • Expandable Baton Instructor

  • Tactical Handgun Instructor

  • Reid Interviewing and Interrogation

  • Controlled FORCE Instructor

  • Specialized Building Entry Forced Entry Breaching Instructor

  • Behavior Assessment

  • Interviewing and Elicitation (III)

  • Live Fire Shoot House Instructor

  • EVOC Instructor

  • Less Lethal Instructor

  • OC Aerosol Instructor

  • Specialty Impact Instructor

  • Chemical Munitions Instructor

  • Distraction Device Instructor

  • M4/Rifle Instructor

  • Defensive Tactics Instructor

  • Sig Sauer Armorer Sage Less-Lethal Instructor

  • Range Master

  • Tactical Shotgun Instructor

  • Tactical Pistol Instructor

  • Class 3 FFL Holder

In addition, Matt is the owner of HITT Industries, LLC. a comprehensive training and equipment company dedicated to ultra-realistic training and outfitting law enforcement, military, and civilian personnel.

Phil Cachere

Retired Law Enforcement Officer / BSIS Instructor

Phil Chachere is a certified NRA Pistol instructor, NRA Shotgun Instructor, NRA Rifle Instructor, Personal Protection In-Home Instructor, Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. He is also a certified BSIS Firearms Instructor, BSIS Baton Instructor, Taser Instructor, Pepper Spray Instructor, and Handcuffing Instructor. In addition, Phil has been involved with developing the Weapons of Mass Destruction curriculum as required by BSIS for the BSIS Guard Card Training and the BSIS Baton curriculum.


Phil is a retired Law Enforcement Officer and teaches as a Koga Police Tactics Instructor. He has been an instructor for over 30 years. He is also a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association), ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association), IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors), NLEFIA (National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association), and CAPTO (California Association of Police Training Officers).

In addition to his law enforcement experience, Phil specializes in loss prevention, security, executive protection, and he is a college instructor in criminal justice. Phil also currently works as a private investigator.

Mitch Brouillette

Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Mitch is an active veteran law enforcement officer with over 19 years of law enforcement experience. Mitch Is a veteran of the United States Marince Corps. 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Crimnal Justice from California Coast Universtity and graduated from the Stanislaus County Office of the Sheriff Law Enforcement Training Center. He has worked patrol, investigations (Special Victims / Crimes aganist children Detective), school resource officer and currently is serving as a patrol Sergeant. 

Mitch is an active SWAT Team (15 years) member.  His current role is team leader.  He has held many differnet roles as a SWAT Team operator to include; Sniper/ Sniper Team leader, breacher, NFDD (flash bang) and chemial agents.   

He is a Chemical Agent Instructor, NFDD (Flash bang) Instructor,  ALICE Training Instiute certified Active Shooter Response Instructor, Law Enforcement Active Shooter Instructor.  Critical Incident response Instructor for CATO (California Association of Tactical Officers). 

Mitch is a graduate of CATO's (California Association of Tactical Officers) Strategic Leadearship Program. He is currently part of the CATO training cadre and serves as CATO's Vendor Coordinator for the CATO conference. 

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Our Students

"I recently attended the Basic Handgun Class at Delta Tactical. I am a woman who is over 60. It was a fantastic class. I've been around guns for many years. But, I have never shot one. Robert, Dan, Amy and the rest of the crew gave us a lot of great information. When we went to the range, they always gave us encouragement. They never became impatient or frustrated with us. We now know the basics and feel empowered knowing how to protect ourselves and our property. An intermediate class would be beneficial to continue to become more knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Delta Tactical to anyone, no matter the age, who want to learn how to use a handgun. Thanks you guys for a great day."

-Toni Shannon ★★★★★


"I think going through the Intermediate Course just increased my confidence plus there was more information given to us. I am a great proponent of Delta Tactical. You have a first class / rate organization for sure. Thank you so much."

-Susan Giantvalley ★★★★★


"Thank you very much for all the time you spent helping me in the Women's Basic Handgun Training Course. I deeply appreciated all your concern and all the attention you gave me. Thank you for your patience when I didn't remember some of the details. I had never even touched a gun before so I was a little apprehensive.  I learned a lot and am very happy and excited that I came and took the class! I have been recommending it to all my friends now."

-Evie Dopart ★★★★★


“Attended the Beginner Handgun Safety course yesterday and learned so much. I had a wonderful time meeting the other ladies and enjoyed (so much) learning to hold, aim and shoot. I am now more confident and know that I can hit the target with ease. Thank you Delta Tactical for all that you do for us beginners!! Can’t wait for the next course!!”

-Beth Puccini Sharifi ★★★★★


“Enjoyed a great civilian beginner handgun class today! Met some great people and learned a lot about home and personal protection. Enjoyed the range and looking forward to owning my own firearm!”
-Jennifer Scherer ★★★★


“I just took the Civilian Basic Handgun training course and It was awesome. I learned so much from this course. I have more confidence in properly handling a firearm. There are other advanced courses which I plan on taking. I highly recommend this training group.”
–Connie Thrope Carter ★★★★★


“Great class today! Highly recommend taking this class!”
–Sharon Lewis-dellenbach ★★★★★


“Had a wonderful experience at the women’s only class today. Very informative, instructor kept all participants engaged in the lesson and conversation. The life experiences shared by the attendees were touching and educational. Planning to take two additional classes with Delta Tactical.”
-Teresa Galvin ★★★★★


“Awesome company to get the best basic gun safety techniques down. Highly recommended. A+”
–Yolanda Rubio Ramirez ★★★★★


“Great class instructor and staff top notch.”
–Pat Cassano ★★★★★


“My mother and I took the women’s civilian basic handgun training course today. I would suggest this course to any woman with a handgun that would like to build her confidence and become more comfortable in being able to protect herself in home defense. I took away a lot from this course.”
–Jacqulyn Bone ★★★★★


“I strongly recommend this class to women (and men too). I went from a confidence level of 2 to a level of 10. I know how to properly transport my firearm in any vehicle I have. Most importantly, I now feel confident that when I use my firearm I can do so correctly and safely. Thank you Delta Tactical Training Group for offering this class.”
–Donna VanSchaik ★★★★★


“Just finished the women’s civilian basic handgun course. The instructor was engaging, informative, patient and fun. I’ve only ever shot at a gun range once and had someone loading the gun for me…They teach you how to load and unload, so you are prepared to do it yourself. Everyone at Delta Tactical, from the owner, instructor, to the office staff, were fantastic. I highly recommend this class.”
–Liz Scatena ★★★★★


“Attended the Beginner Handgun Safety course yesterday and learned so much. I had a wonderful time meeting the other ladies and enjoyed (so much) learning to hold, aim and shoot. I am now more confident and know that I can hit the target with ease. Thank you Delta Tactical for all that you do for us beginners!! Can’t wait for the next course!!”
–Beth Sharifi ★★★★★


“I took both the beginner and the intermediate classes, very informative and lots of fun! I highly recommend it.”
-Penny Bustos ★★★★★


“I had no experience walking into the ladies class this morning. I was never around people who owned guns let alone touched one. Today I walked away from this class with the knowledge and confidence to safely handle and fire a firearm. I will continue my education with DTTG and look forward to purchasing a gun in the future already prepared for the serious responsibility that goes along with it. I recommend this class for everyone just to know how to be safe around guns. It might save a life.”
-Gabrielle Johnson ★★★★★


“Worth every penny! Informative, professional and fun!”
-Alli Banks ★★★★★



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